Almoradi Market

The lively Almoradi Market boasts a lovely setting in the streets around the beautiful Church Square. For a small town Almoradi has a lot of charm, and its market is no exception. In 2011 the market was declared a Place of Provincial Tourist Interest. This is a real street market, and with the market stall awnings creating shady little alleys, is reminiscent of an Arab souk. There are lovely areas to sit and relax around the square and the church is well worth a visit. The market is open every Saturday morning from 09:00 – 14:00.

Almoradi Market Stalls

Browsing Almoradi Market visitors will find a wide selection of new and used clothing. These also include fun clothes for children such as cartoon and Disney characters. All sorts of sports wear and football tops are on show, as is the obligatory ‘knock off' designer wear. By far the best clothing and accessories to buy at Spanish markets is the fantastic leather goods. There are some lovely leather jackets, waistcoats, shoes, boots, belts, hats, purses and wallets.

Local arts & crafts make a good gift idea and there are some fine examples of hand woven rugs and carpets. All sorts of electrical goods, DVD's and video games keep the young ones happy, as does the great selection of homemade sweets, cakes and pastries. Other food items include fresh fruit & vegetables, herbs, delicatessen, breads, cheeses, pate, pickles and tasty olives. The cooked food and drink stalls are always lively and add a pleasant social aspect to the market.

Exploring Almoradi

Almoradi Market is conveniently situated close to the Tourist Information Bureau. With this in mind, why not pop in for some information about the town and make a whole day of your visit. Alternately there are guided tours of Almoradi and during market day there are fun activities to enjoy around the square. Many visitors to the market bring along swimwear and spend the rest of the day enjoying the swimming pools at the sports centre. The centre has a cafe and terrace but it's possible to buy some goodies at the market and enjoy a nice family picnic.

Zoco Market

The Zoco Market has been enticing visitors for over 20 years. Residents an holidaymakers come from miles around to enjoy bargains and banter at this popular Sunday market.