Cycling in Orihuela Costa is a popular leisure and professional activity. Driving on the ‘wrong' side of the road can be a daunting experience for some visitors. Cycling however allows you to go at your own pace. This is also the case when you consider the surrounding scenery. If you are constantly worrying about your driving you miss out on the lovely views and landmarks. Cycling in Orihuela Costa lets you take in the fresh air and explore places off the beaten track.

Road Cycling

Practically any bike can be used for cycling on the roads. The various bike hire companies stock a range of cycles. These include city bikes, mountain bikes, child and speciality bikes. Most will also stock bike add-ons such as child and pet trailers, child training wheels and a range of accessories. Worth considering, especially in peak summer, are electric bikes. These are more expensive to hire and predominantly for road use but certainly take the strain out of pedalling.

Roads on a whole are in good condition here. There are also places with cycle tracks running next to the road. Beach promenades are a favourite place to enjoy road cycling. These can get very crowded in summer, so a gentle pace and consideration for those on foot is advisable. Some professional road racers come to train in Orihuela Costa. They particularly enjoy the numerous flat tar service roads that run parallel to the area's picturesque irrigation canals.

Off-Road Cycling

Mountain bikes are very versatile machines. In this day and age most come with at least front suspension. Many also feature responsive disk brakes and multiple speed gears. These features combined allow mountain bikes to tackle the most rugged off-road terrain and steep hills. Some of the hire firms stock basic mountain bikes and others offer more specialised bikes.

There are some great places for off-road cycling in Orihuela Costa and the surrounding areas. Much of the fantastic coastal path can be traversed on a basic mountain bike. This runs all the way from Torrevieja and along the entire length of the Orihuela Costa coastline. Another very popular place for off-road cycling is Torrevieja's Greenway which runs next to the pretty salt lake. These are relatively flat as they make use of the country's disused railway tracks.

Cable Ski

Cable ski is the safest form of water skiing and can be enjoyed during a holiday in Orihuela Costa. Come summer time the beaches and sea along the Orihuela Costa coastline are heaving with happy holidaymakers.