Zoco Market

The Zoco Market has been enticing visitors for over 20 years. Residents an holidaymakers come from miles around to enjoy bargains and banter at this popular Sunday market. Zoco Market is not just about buy & sell, but also a place where residents from the nearby areas of Lo Crispin, Quesada, Benijofar, Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa come to enjoy the social scene. Indeed, even the local bars and restaurants gear up for the crowds of hungry market goers.

Zoco Market
Source: Flickr / Daniel G.

Zoco Market Directions

The market is open every Sunday from 08:00 – 14:00. Getting to Zoco from the popular areas of Orihuela Costa is relatively easy. Those in the know take the back road from Villamartin. This runs up the side of Villamartin Plaza to Captain Morgan's Bar where it turns right. Stay on this narrow, windy road to the T-junction of the CV-941. Turn right and follow this road around the village of San Miguel. It then becomes the CV-940 and continues straight to Zoco. Alternately you can take the coastal road into Torrevieja and turn left on the CV-905. Follow this all the way to Quesada where you turn left onto the CV-940 and follow this to Zoco.

Zoco Market Stalls

The layout of the market is easy to negotiate. It is basically one large car park on one side and all the stalls on the other. Although there are no trees offering shade, the majority of the stalls are covered. Here you will find your usual offerings of colourful fresh fruit & vegetables. It's worth browsing a bit first as prices on fresh produce can differ for the exact same items. If you want your fresh produce cleaned and neatly packaged, be prepared to pay for the privilege. Otherwise do as the local Spanish do and buy them rough and ready for way cheaper prices.

You will also find a good selection of dried produce. These include herbs, chillies, nuts, fruit and mushrooms. Preserved items such as olives, pickles and various tinned goods are popular. The delicatessen stalls will have you emptying your purse or wallet, especially if you have developed a taste for the delicious top grade cured hams and sausages. On a budget, you can find lesser grades of Serrano ham which are still very tasty for as cheap as 10€ per kilogram.

General products at Zoco Market include clothing such as t-shirts, vests, shirts, socks, baby and child clothes, shorts, trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, sarongs, scarves, trainers and shoes. A variety of electrical and electronic goods are on offer as well as video games, DVD's, CD's and mobile phone accessories. Visitors can browse some lovely arts & crafts, rugs, carpets and embroidered goods. You will also find home and kitchen ware, DIY and garden equipment and a selection of company stalls offering their various products and services.

Food & Drink Stalls

Hungry and thirsty visitors are in for a treat at Zoco Market. The various, stalls, vans and cafes offer a great choice of local and international goodies. You can tuck into a great value English breakfast, German sausages, Danish pastries, and of course delicious Spanish cuisine. There are snack items such as burgers, pizzas, hot dogs baguettes and sandwiches. A firm favourite are the rotisserie wagons serving sizzling whole chickens, and at times ribs and ham hocks. Other stalls offer a full selection of soft and alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and desserts.

Torrevieja Friday Market

The new Torrevieja Friday Market has now opened its gates as of the 12th May 2017. It has been a very long time coming, and a blessing to the residents surrounding the old market location.