Get strapped onto a flyboard and take to the skies during your Orihuela Costa holiday. Well not exactly Orihuela Costa, but the sports marina in neighbouring Torrevieja offers a great choice of exciting water activities. Here there are several activity operators such as the relatively new Flyboard Torrevieja and La Bocana Water Sports Centre. Some of the other water activities visitors can choose from include jet ski, parasailing, stand up paddle and banana boat rides.

How The Flyboard Works

This amazing device was invented in 2012 by jet ski racing champion Franky Zapata. It is basically a sturdy pair of boots incorporated into a board the size of a small skateboard. On either end of the board jet nozzles face downward for propulsion. The water propulsion comes from a hose attached to the centre of the board at one end and to the propulsion system of a jet ski at the other. The jet ski which accompanies the flyboarder during the activity sends a very powerful stream of water through the hose and out the jet nozzles which creates lift off.

Time To Fly

After receiving instructions on how the board works, flyboarders stand on a platform to get securely strapped into the boots. The jet ski which rides along at a safe distance then revs up the power until the jetboarder achieves liftoff. Once in the air you angle your body to change the direction of your flight. This not only allows you to fly high above the sea but also to dive below the waves just like a dolphin.

Once confident you can perform all sorts of aerial stunts. Visitors can also try their latest Jetpack. This is basically the exact same concept aside from the fact that the propulsion nozzles and water hose are strapped to a secure pack your back. Flyboard Torrevieja are located in the sports marina behind the Tourist Information Bureau.


Fishing in Orihuela Costa can be as relaxing or thrilling as you choose. It is also one of those activities you can enjoy for the price of a small piece of bread. On the other side of the spectrum, deep sea fishing charters can cost a small fortune.