Aquopolis Water Park

Aquopolis Water Park offers exciting family fun during a holiday in sunny Orihuela Costa. Visitors to the area can enjoy beautiful Blue Flag beaches, excellent entertainment venues and a whole host of water and land based activities. There is also a great variety of fun attractions to visit within the Orihuela Coasta and in the neighbouring city of Torrevieja. The city is just 10 minutes by car from the majority of Orihuela Costa's popular residential areas. Aquopolis Water Park is located on the outskirts of Torrevieja near the Habaneras Shopping Centre.

Aquopolis Water Park

The well laid out park sits in a large area of landscaped gardens with a variety of plants and trees offering welcoming shade. Throughout the various attractions, shops and eateries are comfortable places to rest and relax. When planning the park's rides and services the designers have made sure to include all the necessary facilities for a great day out. There is areas for small children to play, a VIP Zone and a great selection of rides and slides for all age groups.

Aquopolis Water Park Attractions

The park's attractions have been designed first and foremost with safety in mind. In order to do this height restrictions apply to most slides and these have been put into three categories. Fully trained monitors are on duty at all times throughout the park and on the rides. Monitors also serve the role as entertainers for the younger children in the park's pools and play areas.

High Excitement

Kamikaze – A 50 metre long slide with humps and a 45 degree free fall area to enjoy.

Boomerang – This is one of the most popular slides that is basically a huge U shaped slide were riders hurtle down on rubber tubes with the ascent up the other side slowing them down.

Speed – A straight down fast slide where riders reach speeds of up to 40 km/h.


Black Hole – This is the most thrilling of all the moderate slides. The slide is fully enclosed so that it's pitch black and riders don't know when the next hump, twist or turn is coming up.

Rapids – This is super fun with gentle humps and turns where the volume of water spills into pools along the way. The slide is wide which enables it to be ridden on double tubes.

Amazonia River – Grab a tube or simply swim at your leisure along this relaxing river.

Speed Race – Not to be missed if you are in a group and fancy a race. A straight 4 lane ride with humps during the descent allows friends and family to challenge each other to the bottom.

Waves Beach – This is the focal point of the park where many of the organised activities take place. Surrounded by areas to relax, the wave machine provides great fun for the young ones.

Blue Lagoon – A fun for all lagoon shaped pool with small slides, bridges, waterfalls and an exciting 25 metre zip-line.


Mini Park – Most of the younger visitors to Aquopolis Water Park after trying a few of the rides will end up in the fun Mini Park. The central focus is an 8 metre interactive water castle with an oscillating bucket challenge, climbing frames, slides, flumes and water pistols.

Charmed Lake – This is a dungeons and dragons themed area with shallow water perfect for infants. Surrounded by castle walls there are slides, bridges, fountains and Wendy houses.

Mini Zig Zag – A more gentle version of the original Zig Zag where younger visitors can swoop from side to side while riding downhill on twin slides, perfect for a race.

Services & Facilities

There are a range of services at Aquopolis Water Park to ensure visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable day. Throughout the park there are ample clean ablutions. Those with cumbersome bags and towels can store them in a private locker. For valuables such as keys, purses, wallets and phones there are also safety deposit boxes.

When all the fun in the sun has tired you out, why not hire a sun lounger or better still, a chill out Balinese bed. For all your gift ideas, souvenirs and essentials such as sunglasses and sunscreen there is an on-site shop. Aquopolis Water Park strive to ensure all customers stay safe. However, should someone feel unwell or hurt themselves the park has a medical service. For directions, enquiries and general information just visit the customer service office.

Eateries & VIP Zone

VIP Zone – When you've made sure the young ones are happy and having fun, why not chill out in the tranquil VIP Zone. Located in a quiet, shady area of the park, visitors can enjoy drinks from the bar and relax in the comfortable seating area or on sun loungers.

Self Service Restaurant – A large space where you can enjoy a variety of Mediterranean and international dishes. There is also a big screen TV showing the latest sports.

Cafeteria – Enjoy a selection of coffee and tea accompanied by cakes, pastries and waffles.

Burger/Pizzeria – This is the kids favourite eatery offering a tasty choice of 100% beef burgers, pizzas, crispy fries and a selection of other delicious snacks.

Kiosco Bar – A great choice of soft and alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed with fresh sandwiches.

Kiosco Heladeria – After a tasty pizza or burger, this is where the young ones will want to head. Serving a selection of soft drinks, slush puppies and delicious ice cream.

Opening Times & Prices

Aquopolis Water Park opens each year from 9th June to 7th September. Opening time during this period is 11:30. Closing time varies between 18:00 – 20:00 depending on the month. Park prices vary depending on child, adult or senior. There are also different prices for groups and schools. Visitors can also purchase a season pass. Book any ticket online for great savings.