Fishing in Orihuela Costa can be as relaxing or thrilling as you choose. It is also one of those activities you can enjoy for the price of a small piece of bread. On the other side of the spectrum, deep sea fishing charters can cost a small fortune. Generally both lake and sea fishing require a licence unless you're on private property. However, as is the case with many Spanish laws, a blind eye is usually turned when just solo fishing along the sea shore.

Visitors wishing to enjoy a bit of fishing in Orihuela Costa have a choice of the coastal areas, boat charter for deep sea, the River Segura and Lake Pedrera. It is possible to buy cheap little fishing sets for the young ones from the many ‘Chino' bric-a-brac shops for a few euros. These provide endless fun just using pieces of bread or sweetcorn and fishing the rocky coves. Adult equipment can be bought from sports department stores such as Decathlon. But for the more serious angler it is best to pay the extra baggage at the airport and bring your own gear.

Coastal Fishing

This is by far the most popular type of fishing both for holidaymakers and locals. Beach areas usually tend to slope quite gently into the water. Therefore fishing these spots requires a long rod and decent reel for casting far out into the deeper waters. However, fishing from the beach is perfect for families and groups of friends. Bring along a picnic and a fun day can be had by all, as those not keen on fishing can swim and sunbathe.

Fishing the rocky coves is the cheapest and easiest fishing of all. It's possible to walk out on the rocks or reefs and get right into deep water with just a line tied to a stick if you wish. I live right next to a rocky cove and beach in neighbouring Torrevieja and have witnessed all sorts of fishing techniques during my time here.

I have seen beach casters with multiple rods, those using bait off the rocks, as well as spinners and lures. Other than our 2 months of winter, I spend time in the cove every evening and last year the most fish I saw being caught was by a 12 year old Spanish boy. He was simply using a bamboo pole, a couple of metres of line and a simple float and hook with infused bread as bait.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing in Orihuela Costa is by far the most expensive but also the most thrilling and rewarding. Depending on which area you are staying in, to find fishing charter boats it's possible to just ask around at your nearest marina. There are marinas in Torre de la Horadada, Campoamor and Cabo Roig. These however are small compared to the marina and harbour in neighbouring Torrevieja. Here you will find a selection of deep sea fishing charters.

Torrevieja Yacht Charter offer fishing charters, yacht charter and powerboat rental. Their fishing boat is regulation approved and their skippers know the waters well. Their boat is equipped with all the necessary gear for deep sea fishing and all fishing licences are in place. Full and half day trips to a variety of fishing spots are available depending on the time of year.

Charter Boat Volante have over 30 years of experience deep sea fishing in Orihuela Costa and other coastal areas. Their popular charters cater for parties of up to 12 persons and can be hired for 4 – 24 hours. Reef, hard ground and wreck fishing is available and all tackle, bait and drinks are included. They also offer family fun day charters swimming and snorkelling.

Lake & River Fishing

The River Segura runs through much of the Orihuela Costa, passing through the city of Orihuela and emptying into the sea at Guardamar in the north. Unfortunately the river has been subject to quite a bit of pollution in the past. Therefore it is only really any good for sport fishing, in particular carp. A license is required to fish the river but we believe this is a very reasonable price. One source mentions a 3 year permit only costs around 30€.

The best fresh water fishing in Orihuela Costa can be found at Lake Pedrera. The lake is located inland and not too far from the residential area of Villamartin. A license is definitely required to fish the lake and due to the language barrier can prove difficult to obtain. Some advise browsing local social media fishing groups for advise. It also seems possible to get one arranged by one of the local fishing tackle shops or seek the help of a translator/fixer.

The lake is very scenic although around the lake shores there is not much shade so bring a parasol. There are various access points and parking bays, but to get right to the water's edge in most places requires a 4×4 vehicle. Some of the fish you can expect to catch include carp, pike, zander, barbel and black bass. In the surrounding countryside there are a selection of places to enjoy a meal and drinks, especially in the villages of Torremendo and Vistabella.


With a rugged and diverse coastline, the adventure sport of coasteering is a thrilling activity to enjoy on a holiday to Orihuela Costa. The sport was first practised as a guided recreational activity in the early 1990's in Wales UK. Coasteering is the perfect sport for the adventurous soul as it combines a number of thrill seeking activities.