With a rugged and diverse coastline, the adventure sport of coasteering is a thrilling activity to enjoy on a holiday to Orihuela Costa. The sport was first practised as a guided recreational activity in the early 1990's in Wales UK. Coasteering is the perfect sport for the adventurous soul as it combines a number of thrill seeking activities. It is basically a means of traversing a rugged part of coastline where cliffs, gullies, rocks and pounding waves come into play.

What Coasteering Involves

This means in order to get from point A to point B participants may need to climb cliffs, jump into rock pools, scramble over gullies, swim certain sections, and in some cases even use the aid of zip-lines. All in all coasteering is a fantastic sport for the more active person with a good head for heights and strong swimming and climbing skills. Having said that, certain activity companies offering the sport do have more gentle routes for the less fit and novice participant.

Coasteering In Orihuela Costa

Although not actually in Orihuela Costa, the popular La Bocana Water Sports Centre is just a short drive or bus ride away in neighbouring Torrevieja. Those who enjoy hiking can even reach Torrevieja on foot along the picturesque coastal path. Located in the marina, the centre is a great place to enjoy a number of water activities including cable ski, kayaking and stand up paddle (SUP). There is also a bar/restaurant with a lovely outdoor terrace to watch the action.

The sport is more suited to groups (safety in numbers) but for individuals wishing to give it a go, La Bocana will endeavour to include you in a group if there are places left. The guides are experienced and have traversed the routes on many occasions. Due to the nature of the sport protective gear is imperative. Sturdy climbing shoes, helmets and wetsuits to protect from the rocks and also to give buoyancy are all necessary equipment needed for coasteering.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is one of the most thrilling water activities to enjoy during a holiday in Orihuela Costa. Unlike sea based water sports and activities, navigating river rapids offers ever changing and picturesque scenery.