Mar Menor Mud Baths

The Mar Menor mud baths are not only therapeutic but great fun too. Mar Menor is one of the most popular places to visit within easy reach of the Orihuela Costa's residential areas. This famous and vast inland lagoon offers activities galore. The lagoon is formed by the headland of Punta del Algas just about meeting the La Manga Strip. Access to the Mediterranean sea is via a series of narrow channels. This has created a wonderful micro-climate where the lagoon's waters are warm and shallow and have a higher salinity which makes it easy for kids to swim.

Therapeutic mud baths have been used to help a number of ailments for thousands of years. A combination of beneficial bacteria, nutrients and certain minerals are what gives the mud its healing qualities. Many people who have used the Mar Menor mud baths to help treat their particular ailment have reported excellent results. Some medical conditions the mud may help with include broken bones and sprains, arthritis, cuts and rashes, ulcers, eczema and acne.

Mar Menor Mud Baths Location

The mud baths, or salt marshes as some people refer to them are located at the very northern end of the Mar Menor. This is at the little village of Lo Pagan which is easy to reach from the N-332 coastal road. Beginning at the small beach and old windmill, the mud baths stretch along the Punta del Algas headland. Here the water is a few feet deep before you reach mud.

A raised dyke and promenade separate the baths from the sea. All along the promenade the local council have installed wooden jetties. These make it easier to get into the mud, especially for those with disabilities. A good idea is to bring along a child's bucket and spade. As there is a couple of feet of water above the mud, this makes it easier to collect than using just hands. A facecloth or kitchen towel is also handy to help remove the sticky mud once it has dried.

Make A Day Of It

A visit to the Mar Menor mud baths is a favourite day out for many of Orihuela Costa's expat residents. Once in the water, instead of coating themselves in mud they coat each other with a super fun, free for all mud fight. Once looking like creatures from the deep it's best to head for the waters off Playa De Barros Beach to clean off. Here there's a selection of nearby bars and restaurants to enjoy food and refreshments. The village also has some great little tapas bars.

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